Helly Hansen | Becs Millar (RNLI)

A 3 part documentary series for outdoor brand Helly Hansen. The campaign titled 'Heroes of the Unpredictable' follows 3 individuals who often have to face off against some of the harshest and most intense weather found on the planet. Their experience, knowledge and skill helps them to prepare for the ugly side of mother nature, and when the weather is at its worst, only the best equipment will keep them alive.

In this film we follow Becs Millar, a volunteer crew member for the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution) in Dunbar, Scotland. The RNLI is a charity organisation that is dedicated to saving lives at sea across the coasts surrounding the UK and Ireland. Starting with rowing boats in 1824, volunteers have risked their lives to save and assist anyone in need. In 2017 the RNLI on average aided 22 people each day, with the boats being launched a total of 8.436 times. The waters surrounding the UK and Ireland are notorious and have claimed countless lives. These volunteers all have extraordinary maritime skills, and are highly trained to head out into some of the most unpredictable and treacherous seas imaginable.


Grey London

Creative Director: John-Patrick Racle
Creatives: Sabine Stromsky & Oscar Muller
Agency Producer: Tom Moxham

Director: George Messa
Producer: Marilyn Napaul
Director of Photography: Shaun Atherton
Sound Recordist: Mustafa Bal
Focus Puller: Theo Oberman
Additional Footage: Harrison Bates
Drone Pilot: John Banks

Editor: Shaun Gardiner (Big Buoy)
Colourist: Toby Tomkins (CHEAT)
Flame Artist: Mark Robinson (JAM)
Sound Designer: Glen Brown (Felt)
Music Supervisor: Mikey Panting (Felt)

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